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3-star Hotel Amburgo in Bibione by the sea

At our completely renovated 3-star hotel in Bibione, a very special and carefree holiday awaits you. Take a break from everyday life at our 3-star hotel in Bibione – with your sweetheart, your family, or your friends. Here, you can regenerate your body and mind and re-charge your batteries with new energy and contagious enthusiasm.

Hotel Amburgo, our 3-star hotel in Bibione, is the perfect destination for those who would like to spend a beach holiday in Bibione and relax under the warm sun all day long. Our 3-star hotel in Bibione is the ideal starting point for exploring this charming seaside resort and discovering all the secrets and the beauty of the surrounding area. It is a real treasure chest of highlights, events, culinary delights, opportunities for recreation, and fun to be fully experienced during your stay at our 3-star Hotel Amburgo in Bibione.

The surroundings of our hotel in Bibione are full of attractions that are just waiting to be discovered. You can also go for a day trip to Portogruaro, Venice, Treviso, Padua, Udine, Trieste…

Spring, summer, and autumn at our hotel in Bibione

In Bibione, the peak season starts in spring and ends in late autumn: the mild climate in spring and autumn invites you to explore our country even off season during your stay at our 3-star-hotel in Bibione. Spring offers you landscapes of rare beauty characterised by vibrant flowering meadows, while from late summer to late autumn, the leaves paint nature in fiery shades of red. Temperatures are very pleasant even in these two seasons. Walking or cycling is a real must during your holiday at our 3-star hotel in Bibione. On the beach, in the countryside, through the streets of the city centre, towards the Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse, in the beautiful Bibione pine forest …

The Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse near our 3-star-hotel in Bibione

Located at the mouth of the Tagliamento river, the lighthouse is a perfect destination for a long walk on the beach – the best part, you can start  directly in front of our 3-star hotel in Bibione. Starting from our 3-star hotel in Bibione, you can also reach the lighthouse thanks to the new bike path that connects Bibione to the right bank of the Tagliamento. After the renovations that were completed in 2015, it’s now possible to visit the insides and admire the breathtaking view from its numerous windows. Another beautiful detail is the original inner staircase and the skylight with sea view. Since 2018, a ferry takes you and your bike to Lignano, where you can enjoy even more kilometres of bike paths.

The harbour of Bibione from our 3-star Hotel in Bibione

Among the most beautiful places near our 3-star hotel in Bibione is certainly Portobaseleghe, located in the heart of the natural landscape of Bibione Pineda. Portobaselghe is the well-equipped dock of Bibione on the eastern shore of the Canale dei Lovi and the ideal starting point for those who want to plan an excursion in the Venetian Lagoon or for those who love fishing in the open sea. You can even hire a boat and explore the open sea: during your stay at our 3-star Hotel Amburgo in Bibione, we are at your disposal if you would like more information. In addition, during your stay at our 3-star hotel in Bibione, you can enjoy sports like fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, rowing, and many other activities that have to do with the sea and fun.