Bibione Hotels with a Pool

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Hotel in Bibione with heated pool and sea view

Daydream at the Hamburg Hotel in Bibione, where our sea-view swimming pool becomes an embrace between sky and sea. The perfect place to relax and admire the beautiful views of the Adriatic directly from the lounge area on the top floor of the hotel.

Top floor swimming pool

Your hotel in Bibione with a 28/30° heated pool surprises you with a beautiful location: a fabulous top-floor pool set in a stunning sea-view lounge area.

Heated swimming pool 28-30°
Piscina - Hotel Amburgo - 3 stelle Bibione
Finally relaxation
famiglia che si diverte in piscina dell'Hotel Amburgo
Wave of freshness

Lunch break by the pool

Enjoy an exclusive poolside lunch on thetop floor of the Hamburg Hotel, with a spectacular view of the sea. Delight your palate with culinary delights as you immerse yourself in a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Pokè - Hotel Amburgo
Fresh and wholesome dishes
Sapori autentici
Authentic flavors
Bontà a tavola - Hotel Amburgo
Tasty snacks

Not just lunch!

Relax on the poolside loungers and let our hotel in Bibione spoil you with coffee, spritzes and snacks. In the evening, immerse yourself in an elegant atmosphere with music, candles and drinks.

By reservation, you can also dine by candlelight in a beautiful, relaxing setting where you can enjoy the best of “gourmet” dining!


Evening music

Candles and soft lighting

Shows and entertainment

Hotels near Bibione Spa

From the Hamburg Hotel, our hotel in Bibione, you can easily reach the Bibione thermal baths, which are located on the seafront.

A Wellness Plunge

Hotel Hamburg is waiting for you! Turn your vacation into a pure relaxation experience.

Tuffo in piscina a Bibione - Hotel Amburgo

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