Hotel Amburgo in Bibione by the sea – golden beaches

Our hotel in Bibione by the sea offers you an unforgettable holiday of pure bliss. Look forward to modern rooms that are perfect for couples, groups of friends, or families with children. Furthermore, we’ll delight you from morning to evening with the half board of our restaurant in Bibione: a real highlight of the best local specialites. With a 11.5 km long beach with golden sand, washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, Bibione is a popular seaside resort for tourists of all ages and backgrounds, who visit us every year at our hotel in Bibione by the sea.

From our hotel in Bibione by the sea, you can reach the enchanting coast, which is divided into four main areas:

  • Bibione Spiaggia
  • Lido dei Pini
  • Lido del Sole
  • Bibione Pineda

Wide and clean beaches that can easily be reached from our hotel in Bibione by the sea and enjoyed to the fullest. The beach of Bibione is characterised by establishments that are equipped with colourful umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers, sanitary facilities and showers, plenty of space to lean back and enjoy the sun, areas for beach volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, bowling. But there’s more: recreational opportunities, entertainment for children, fitness lessons and outdoor gyms, cafes and snack bars, music … The beach is also a place where you can enjoy moments of peace and relaxation, far away from the noises of the city. If you prefer to experience the beach in a more natural way during your holiday at our hotel in Bibione by the sea, we recommend the area around the lighthouse, which boasts quieter beaches.

Eternity is the sun mixed with the sea.

Arthur Rimbaud

Hotel Amburgo in Bibione by the sea with a Blue Flag

The beach of Bibione is awarded every year the Blue Flag, the prestigious recognition by the FEE Italy (Foundation for Environmental Education) that takes into consideration the beauty and characteristics of the sea, the beach and pine forest and that assesses the quality of bathing water and services offered to tourists. Bibione has been awarded the Blue Flag thanks to its clean and perfectly equipped sea and beach, beautiful nature, and unspoilt environment. During your stay at our hotel in Bibione by the sea, you will get to enjoy a clean sea, an intelligent management of environmental resources, cleanliness and easy access to the beach, high standards of comfort, and respect for privacy and peace.

The criteria for awarding the Blue Flag

  • bathing water quality
  • cleanliness of the beach
  • environmental, service, and safety management
  • waste-water treatment
  • waste management and separate waste collection
  • services of the beach establishments
  • tourist information and up-to-date signage
  • presence of cycle paths and large pedestrian areas
  • access and services for disabled people
  • properly maintained buildings and equipment and presence of green areas
  • commitment and efforts aimed at environmental education and the distribution of information for the protection and enhancement of the region.

Hotel Amburgo in Bibione by the sea – Italy’s first smoke-free beach

A holiday at our hotel in Bibione by the sea is always a delight. Since the summer of 2018, the beach of Bibione has been completely smoke-free. Along the 8 km of coastline and throughout the beach, it is now strictly forbidden to smoke. This means that smokers will no longer be able to light their cigarettes under the umbrella and will have to go to areas specifically designated by the municipal administration for smoking. This initiative is part of the "Respira il mare" (breathe in the sea) programme, a campaign launched experimentally a few years ago that aims to promote a smoke-free and clean coastline with proper and widespread waste collection. With this initiative, we aim to protect your health and thus avoid passive smoking. Our hotel in Bibione by the sea is really in a paradise!