The history of bibione – seaside resort

How the tradition of hospitality was born

Did you know that Bibione looks back on a long tradition of tourism? Just think that its history as a seaside resort began in 1960, but to understand its full history you have to go back a couple thousands of years, to the fifth millennium BC to be exact, the time of the first human settlements.

The Romans made it their colony in the second century BC, we have evidence of this thanks to archaeological excavations that have brought to light mosaics, coins, glass, and terracotta. After the advent of Christianity and the barbarian invasions, Bibione came under the dominion of the Serenissima, the Republic of Venice, which, however, did not care too much about it. This led to Bibione and its surroundings to be invaded by wild fauna and flora. It then passed under the control of Napoleon and the Habsburgs and was finally annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, thanks to which land reclamation works were carried out that made the region healthier and encouraged settlements.

The tourist potential was boosted in the 1950s thanks to the beautiful golden sand and the sea. Since then, hotels, villas in the large pine forest, condominiums, campsites, and villages have been built. And of course, an efficient road network and a wide range of services for tourists were created. It was in those years that Bibione's fame crossed national borders, especially in Austria and Germany. Over the years, the thermal bath, the increasingly organised hotels, the care of the beautiful pine forest, and the services that became more and more targeted, have made Bibione one of the top destinations for holidays by the sea, holidays in nature, holidays focused on sports, the pleasures of good food, fun, and wellness.